A Nursing Union’s Mobile App Success Story

Union Strong Client: Huntington Hospital Nurses Association (HHNA)

Customer since: January, 2021

Previous communication challenges: Communicating effectively with a disconnected, frontline membership while heading into contract negotiations during a pandemic.

Solution: An app that reaches members, in the moment, on their personal smartphones.

Uses the App for... Results
  • Job Postings
  • Pay Rates & Benefits Information
  • Meeting Notifications & Logistics
  • Contract Updates
  • Strike Vote Notifications, Reminders & Results
  • Event Notifications
  • Election Updates
Heather Hemingway, HHNA Second Vice President, reports that their membership appreciates receiving messages instantly. Hemingway loves knowing when a message will be delivered and seeing members check their phones as the pushes go through, “It’s so reassuring to know that our members are actually seeing our messages… We are so thankful we have Union Strong.”

Who They’re Talking to (Their Tags)

HHNA uses various tags to segment and speak to its members. It employs tags for floors, departments, shifts, specialties, general members, board members, and more.Nurses Union Mobile App Segments

What They’re Saying (App Content)

Strike Vote Notifications


Pay Rates and Benefits


Meeting Information


Job Postings


Union Strong is proud to assist the HHNA in reaching and engaging their membership. If you’d like to learn more about their work, please visit their website.

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